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     PAEEP signed contract with NPA to support food security and livelihoods in Gaza Strip.

    Palestine Association for Education and Environmental Protection (PAEEP) signed new project contracts with Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) with a cost estimated at 200 thousand dollars for Humanitarian response to food security and livelihoods in Gaza Strip.

    The project aims to improve the ratio of food security sector for the Palestinian farmers in Gaza Strip especially after exposed to massive damage due to successive disasters either natural or political, in other side to contribute to achieve the self-sustaining, self- reliance and provide the livelihood for them.

    NPA country director to Palestine Jenny Oskarsson, stated that this fund aim to continue support of Norwegian People's Aid to the affected Palestinian farmers.

    In the same context, PAEEP chairman Mahmoud Aldadah, , said “ PAEEP appreciate NPA support to the Palestinian, as this project will enable PAEEP to Support the food security and sustainable livelihoods of poor rural families affected by the last war in Gaza Strip.  


    As this project will rehabilitate 11 agriculture wells that were affected by the last war, and install of 3500 meter of water carrier lines. In addition this project will install water irrigation networks for 300 dunums in Gaza Strip.

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