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     Job Vacancy

    Job Title: Secretary
    Contract Duration: 5 months full-time

    Tasks and Responsibilities:
    - Receive telephone calls, and reply to, or passed.
    - receiving mail, and filmed, and distributed, and save it as assets.
    - Receiving visitors and reviewers.
    - scheduling appointments, and preparing for meetings.
    - Participation in the preparation of the Working Group meetings and documented.
    - Participation in the documentation and update of project activities.
    - Undertake any other functions of the requests by the administration.
    - To undertake any other tasks assigned to them.

    Qualifications and experience:

    - University degree in office secretary or related areas field.
    - Two years experience in secretarial

    - Ability to write, and the preparation of plans.
    - Ability to record minutes of meetings.
    - Ability to work within a team and work under pressure.
    - Working knowledge of Word, Excel
    , Outlook, and Internet.

     CVs of qualified candidate should be received before Thursday 6-1-2011 at the following address:


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