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    The Palestinian Association for Education and Environmental Protection (PAEEP) is an environmental, non-profit, community-based NGO in Gaza. PAEEP works in development of Palestinian community by undertaking different projects in environment, infrastructure and human development  Announces its need for a number of staff for work on  project  “Rehabilitation of agricultural lands and cultivated with mature plants, funded by Norwegian People's Aid(NPA).


    Job Title: field coordinator (Agronomist)
    Contract Duration: 5 months full-time


    Tasks and Responsibilities:

    -Follow up on all the activities planned and implemented in the project.
    - Preparation of periodic reports, "a weekly and monthly" about the project.
    - Collection and analysis of questionnaires that determine the inventory of the damage and needs in coordination with the agricultural committees.
    - Follow up and monitor the work and workers in work areas
    - Overseeing the implementation and application of all technical specifications and the application of safety and security factors in the site with the supplier.
    - Emphasis on staff commitment to security and safety factors during the implementation of any effective require that.
    - implementation of activities and follow-up according to plan time for the work of the project and the proposed plans.
    - Follow-up and coordination of special meetings to work with staff and seminars and workshops with farmers.


    Qualifications and experience:
    - Bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering specialty  plant protection, plant production  or soil and water
    -  five years Experience  in the area of field supervision in the field of civil work.
    - Ability to work within a team under pressure at work.
    - provides communication skills and management of the negotiation and management teams work and interact with others.
    - Proficiency in Arabic and English reading, writing and conversation.
    - Ability to use computer and its applications.
    - Would prefer to be advanced from the northern region

    CVs of qualified candidate should be received before Thursday -61,, 2011 at the following email:


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